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June 2015
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Reflections Along the Way

From the Desk of Steve Macchia

Dear Friend,
Summer is always a great time to be refreshed and renewed physically, relationally and spiritually. There's more space available in the calendar, more time available for vacation, and more energy to enjoy the beauty of God's creation. What are your plans?  If I may be so bold to offer one small suggestion it would be this: no matter what you do this summer, be sure to consciously slow down in order to become more attentive. I guarantee your friends and family members will appreciate your fuller presence with them if you take time to linger and listen. Your body will be grateful for the change of pace, both in renewing exercise and embracing simple rest. Your soul will be filled to overflowing when you press the pause button and sit with the Word, prayer and reflection in a set apart time and space to meet with God alone. If you don't slow down the summer will fly by and all of a sudden it's Labor Day and the pace will quicken once more. I'm praying for all in the LTI family today: asking God to give us the courage to "slow down and be more" - may it be so!
Your brother on the journey,

Steve Macchia
Founder & President

Sign Posts on
the Trail

LTI Ministry Highlights

Congrats 2015 graduates!
On June 9, 11 Selah graduates (pictured above with Selah Faculty) were commissioned at Ender's Island in Mystic, CT and received their certificates of completion.  The graduates of this 6th cohort are: Rick Anderson, Chris Chandler, Hillary Collins-Oosting, Mary Lou Day (not pictured), Susan DiCamillo, Elizabeth Fitch, George Goodrich, Doug Mitts, Molly Shafferman, Susie Skinner, and Brian Wood.

The Selah Certificate in Spiritual Direction consists of:
  • 5 retreat residencies of 3-4 nights: instruction, peer group spiritual direction, time for silent prayer and reflection, daily communal worship
  • Monthly spiritual direction (received and offered)
  • Monthly supervision by Selah faculty
  • Reading, writing, practice assignments designed to deepen our prayerful reflection, conversation, and practice.
  • Community: 10-14 individuals make up a cohort
Is there a spiritual director inside of you?  Contact us today and let's explore that question together!
More About Selah

The 8th cohort of Emmaus (pictured below) has just concluded after a wonderful year together living into the themes of four retreats on Spiritual Relinquishment, Spiritual Reading, Spiritual Guides, and Spiritual Impact.
The Emmaus companions (pictured above) for the 2014-2015 Passage Year were: Adjoa Acquaah-Harrison, Shari Adams, Oliver Bala, Diana Bennett, Marcella Charles, Edwin Chow, Brian Ellis, Anna Fan, Lisa Forkner, Jena Glasscock, Maura Glynn, Mike Glynn, Tom Griffith, Gayle Heaslip, Veda Henderson, Jenna Higgins, Pam Jones, Joshua Kansiewicz, Amy Lucia, Steve Macchia, Ryan McDonnell, Graeme Mills, Deborah Mills, Christine O'Reilly, Dave Ripper, Dennis Ritchie, Anne Rodman, Larry Schell, Lisa Simmons, Jeremy Stefano, Michael Tso, Dan Van Horne, Franklin Ward, Lynda Wheatley, Iain Whitfield, and Michelle Wiegers.

Emmaus is a retreat-based leadership community ... and the only thing missing is YOU. Join us this fall if you are looking for:
  • A more contemplative lifestyle in the midst of the growing demands of leadership
  • A caring, listening, and discerning community of sacred companions
  • Ongoing development to help you care for the souls of others in your ministry context
A new cohort kicks off this fall delving into the "Pilgrimage Year" which covers Spiritual Autobiography, Spiritual Leadership, Spiritual Practices, and Spiritual Renewal. Come and journey with others who hunger for rest, renewal, encouragement, and deeper spiritual companionship. An optional Certificate in Spiritual Leadership is offered to those interested in enhancing their Emmaus experience. Fill out the Online Application today.
More About Emmaus
Emmaus has a new director!
Beginning with the 2015-2016 Emmaus year, Jeremy Stefano is stepping in as the Director of Emmaus in addition to his broader role as Minister of Spiritual Formation.  Jeremy is a gifted man of God and brings great spiritual depth and shepherding leadership to this important role.

After 8 years as the Director of Emmaus, Diana Bennett is transitioning into a new role as Director of Ministry Relations.  We are so grateful for Diana's faithfulness both in the foundational investment she has made to Emmaus and the wisdom, guidance, and encouragement she continues to offer (12 years and counting!) as an LTI Board Member. 
We are so grateful to the Lord for both Jeremy and Diana.  We are blessed to have them on our team!
Thank you Ellie Beatty!

Ellie Beatty is rotating off of the LTI board and staff team in order to focus on her primary role as director of Amazing Grace Kids preschool.  Over the past 8 years Ellie has made significant contributions to the ministry of LTI in a variety of ways: Co-leading women's soul care retreats, developing the content for our full-day Sabbath retreat guide, she's been an active member of Emmaus (co-leading worship) and she has served on the LTI board of directors in the role of Secretary. 
We will miss Ellie's presence on the team but we celebrate her pioneering work at the preschool.  Those children are blessed!

Resources for Your Journey

Ready to Craft Your Rule of Life?
In this practical workbook Stephen A. Macchia looks to St. Benedict as a guide for discovering your own rule of life in community. It is a process that takes time and concerted effort; you must listen to God and discern what he wants you to be and do for his glory. 

Becoming a Healthy Team: Newly Revised
Becoming a Healthy Team is essential for building the kingdom. Steve Macchia has helped thousands of churches develop healthy ministries. Now he offers tried and tested principles and practices to help your leadership team do the same. He’ll show you how to Trust, Empower, Assimilate, Manage, and Serve. That spells TEAMS and ultimately success. Also check out the companion Workbook & Exercises to help your team engage together.

Full-day Retreat Guide
Need rest? This downloadable guide for silent retreat will help you reclaim Sabbath for the amazing gift that it is. Two versions available: Individual | Group

Start a conversation with your congregation. Conducting a periodic church survey is an essential listening exercise for any healthy church leadership team.  Visit to learn more.
Check out the hundreds of spiritual formation books sub-divided into 20 categories available in our Spiritual Formation Store.
Visit the Store

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