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From the Desk of Steve Macchia

We are deep into Lent as this e-newsletter is being published and distributed. The invitation during the Lenten season is to consider with serious reflection the central act of Christ in our behalf … His death on the cross and His glorious resurrection. We walk alongside the biblical story in anticipation of Holy Week and the events of Jesus' final week on earth. We enter the drama of the experiences of His followers as they scramble to comprehend the meaning of these events. From the exultation of Palm Sunday on the streets of Jerusalem, into the intimacy of foot washing and holy communion, through the outrageous nature of crucifixion, and into the empty tomb of miraculous resurrection. Lent is our annual reminder of the Christian message of hope through the amazing gift of salvation and the joy of everlasting life. Such a blending of emotions, a mixture of story lines, but in the end the victory of the cross is evidenced in the resurrection life we enjoy today and forever. May you and yours enjoy the richness of this season of the Church year … remember and give thanks. Feed your soul with the best of Lent … found solely in Christ the Lord, risen indeed!

One of the hundreds of Charles Wesley hymns is "O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done" - may these words inspire and encourage you as you ponder the meaning of Lent and the hope of Easter … once more in the year of our Lord, 2013.

O love divine, what hast thou done!
Th'incarnate God hath died for me!

The Father's coeternal Son
Bore all my sins upon the tree!
The Son of God for me hath died:
My Lord, my Love, is crucified.

Is crucified for me and you,
To bring us rebels near to God;
Believe, believe the record true,
Ye all are bought with Jesus' blood;
Pardon for all flows from his side:
My Lord, my Love, is crucified.

Behold him, all ye that pass by,
The bleeding Prince of life and peace!
Come, sinners, see your Savior die,
And say, was ever grief like his?
Come, feel with me his blood applied:
My Lord, my Love, is crucified. Amen.

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Sign Posts on the Trail
LTi Ministry Highlights

Women’s Soul Care Retreat: Creating a Sacred Space April 6th, 2013.  Facilitated by Ellie Beatty and Diana Bennett and held at Hope Christian Church in Winchester, MA. |click here| for more info

Selah now enrolling for fall 2013.  Is there a spiritual director inside of you?  We would love to provide you with some classical training and practical tools to fan the flame within.  |click here| to learn more about Selah.

Emmaus now enrolling for fall 2013. Leadership can be lonely … but it doesn’t have to be!  Join us for Emmaus: Pathway Year September 2013 – May 2014. |click here| for more about Emmaus.

Prayers for Moldova: Steve Macchia and Rick Anderson leave tomorrow for their 5th short-term mission to the Eastern-European country of Moldova to work with Jesus Savior Church and their next generation of leaders in the capital city of Chisinau (Kish-in-ow).  Your prayers are greatly appreciated. |click here| for a message from Pastor Vitalie Fedula.

Resources for the Journey

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  • Intimacy with Christ
  • Sabbath
  • Prayer
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