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From the Desk of Steve Macchia

Making Room for God

One item on my "bucket list" was achieved this summer…I met one of my living spiritual heroes, Rueben Job. You might recall his name if you've traveled with us on our annual shared prayer journey through his "Guides to Prayer" that a few hundred of our board and ministry team, financial partners, and seminary students use on a weekly basis. Rueben is in his mid-80's and is a retired Methodist Bishop who lives with his lovely wife Beverly in a retirement village in TN. He still considers himself a "beginner" when it comes to living prayerfully, but when he opens his mouth it certainly sounds like he's been walking intimately with God for a very long time. It was pure joy to be in his presence for a delightful morning of fellowship and prayer.

In this week's readings from A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God (available in our online store), Rueben writes about "Making Room for God" by asking the following question: "How can I make room in my life for the things that really matter? This question plagues most adults in the developed world. We have so many things, so many activities, so many opportunities, and so many responsibilities. Is it possible to find a place for God in our busy lives? Many have answered the question with a resounding no. Others have answered by filling every moment of every day with activity until there is no time even to think about God. Others yearn to find that sacred space and time but just don't know how or where to look." 

I'm grateful for the many ways the Leadership Transformations team is providing helpful resources and experiences for all who yearn to find sacred space and time in the midst of their busy lives. Each aspect of our unique ministry is in essence encouraging others to rediscover the joyful priority of creating or recreating a special place for God. When we see leaders and teams transformed from the inside out by finding room once more for God, every aspect of their lives is changed. Like Saint Augustine (from The Confessions), they are crying out to God, "The house of my soul is too small for you to enter: make it more spacious by your coming. It lies in ruins: rebuild it."

If you're looking for ways to make more room for God in the house of your soul, then prayerfully consider joining us for the following experiences…

  1. For men in search of a deeper walk with God, come to "From Rushed to Rested" a soul care experience on Saturday morning, October 13.
  2. For church leaders in pursuit of training about listening to God and your congregation, consider joining our CHAT Training event on Tuesday, October 16.
  3. And, for all who are interested in exploring the subject of "Spiritual Friendship" be sure to come to our annual Spiritual Formation conference on Friday, November 9.

Making room for God in the midst of a full to overflowing life is the best choice you can make. If you can't come to any of our upcoming events, check out our online store where there are more than 150 books, articles, devotionals, retreat resources, CD's, DVR's and assessment tools. Join us on the journey toward an ever-deepening intimacy with God.

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Sign Posts on the Trail
LTi Ministry Highlights

Giving of Life Project
We are so grateful for all who participated in our Giving of Life “Projects Campaign.” We are currently ranked 5th with 2657 votes and $1,075 raised toward Selah Scholarships.  If you’d still like to vote or contribute to the project match, click here.  This is the final week to participate!

Soul Care for Men
Men, come and experience an introduction to soul care with Steve Macchia and Matt Scott on Saturday, 10/13.  You’ll be glad you did!  Half-day format from 8am to 12pm.  View event info.

Church Health Event in CA
This will be a great day of discussion, training, and certification around the topic of church health.  Discounts for groups of 2+ from the same organization.  Sign up today.

Spiritual Friendship Conference
Join us for this great one-day seminar with Mindy Caliguire and choose from four dynamic workshop sessions. Register by Oct 19 for the early bird special: $39.  More information.

LTi’s 9th Anniversary Celebration
We welcome you to join us for this donor celebration event with ministry partners and friends.  RSVP Here to attend the event or click here if you are interested in sponsoring a table.

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