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From the Desk of Steve Macchia

In the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus encourages His disciples by promising them they will not be orphaned upon His pending departure from them (John 14). What was pledged by Jesus was a Counselor, a Helper, an Advocate: the Holy Spirit. Indeed, immediately after His ascension, the Spirit came in the surprisingly powerful forms of a violently blowing wind and tongues of fire at Pentecost (Acts 1, 2). This was in fulfillment of what was promised by the prophet Joel, “I will pour out my Spirit on all people” and the psalmist “You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.” Entitled by the Greek word parakletos, the Spirit is the One who comes alongside the believer with the help of God’s indwelling power and ongoing filling for daily life and godliness.

Leadership Transformations comes alongside leaders and teams and reminds them of the renewal that is promised by God to all who put their hope and confidence in the ministry of God’s Spirit. We offer training, resources, and experiences that encourage their spiritual formation and discernment, which is fed by a deep hunger to listen intently for the still, small voice of God. From that restful and spacious place, leaders we serve come to know the true God and their true selves in ways they haven’t  previously envisioned.  What emerges are transformed leaders who in turn facilitate the transformation of others.

In this issue of LTi’s e-newsletter you will learn of the distinct ways we come alongside servant leaders in the body of Christ today. Notice the red thread that ties the stories, ministries, and resources altogether: the ongoing work of God’s Spirit. Celebrate with us as we turn the page from nine full years of ministry (LTi was founded on July 1, 2003) into our tenth year of service. Let us join hearts and hands and voices, devoting ourselves to teaching and fellowship, inviting leaders to be united in the breaking of bread and prayer (Acts 2: 42).  And, let us cry out in one voice, “Pour out Your Spirit on all people” (Acts 2:17) and anticipate the fresh move of God’s Spirit in our lifetime. Amen and Alleluia!

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Sign Posts on the Trail
LTi Ministry Highlights Worthy of Celebration

Giving of Life Campaign

Thank you so much to those of you who gave us your vote!  We made it into the Top 5 ministries for consideration, but unfortunately, we were not selected for the grant.  We were so encouraged by the participation of over 700 voters from all over the country supporting our campaign.  The fall campaign is just around the corner so we’ll have another chance in 2012!

Congratulations Selah Graduates!

This is Selah’s 3rd graduating class. From left to right: Brian Barclay, Steve Macchia, Lori Wasserman, Nina Whitnah, David Shaw, Rebecca Kim, Susan Currie, Cheryl DiCiaccio, Andrew Osmun, Stan Bohall, and Angela Wisdom. Since its inception in 2007, Selah has graduated a total of 29 trained spiritual directors!  Another 12 will graduate in May of 2013.
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Susan Currie in the Spotlight

Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA) recently selected our own Susan Currie’s for their “Getting to Know” feature.  Check out Susan’s Story here!


Spiritual Leadership Communities (SLC) is now “Emmaus!”  

Apply for this Fall and join others who hunger for rest, renewal, encouragement, and deeper spiritual companionship.  Meet Dan Van Horne and hear about his community experience over the past 2 years: Watch Dan’s Video



Resources for the Journey June Contest Giveaway!
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New Pentecost and Advent Retreat Guides

Be sure to peruse the full listing of available resources for group or personal retreats.
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What Are the Family Needs Within Your Church? 

Find out using the Family Health Assessment (in partnership with Focus on the Family).  Similar to CHAT, this online tool helps church leaders listen to the family units in the congregation focused specifically on the areas of family health, legacy, and impact.  Visit today!

Listening Leaders are Discerning Leaders!

CHAT can help your church leaders listen well to the voices of the church body and discern the road ahead.  Listen well and lead well!  Download our Free Guide to Church Assessment for more info.

June 2012

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