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When I recently shared with a friend that I was "giving up impatience for Lent" he quipped, "So, do you plan to pick it up again thereafter?" I was stunned and humbled by his question…of course I don't want to reclaim impatience post-Lent.  But, then I reconsidered why I wanted to give it up in the first place. Genuinely, I have to admit that I struggle at times responding patiently…not always, I might add (an audible sigh is heard on your side of the screen!). But, it's not my natural inclination, thus the reference to it being a fruit or evidence of the Spirit. It's not the preference of my flesh – or yours for that matter (phew, we're now all in the same boat!). I actually need reminders, nudges if you will, to respond with patience during stressful moments or encounters with challenging personalities. I suspect that if you're honest about it, you might feel the same. 

I just figured that impatience would be more important to fast for Lent than dark chocolate (not that this wouldn't be a good idea too). I truly want to give up impatience for the long haul, not just the forty days of this season of reflection on that which plagues us and hinders our heart's affectionate focus on Jesus. We give up something for Lent for a variety of reasons and motivations, but the historic significance is so we forego what previously held a grip of derailment or distraction over our hearts in order to experience sacrifice, submission, and relinquishment. Why? Originally, for those who were preparing for their baptism, but also for the wider church so we can know the freedom that results from dependence upon and obedience toward God as the lover of our souls and the Lord of our lives. 

I hope and pray that during this season of Easter preparation, you too will reflect on your utter dependence on God and in turn celebrate with great joy the resurrection of Christ. Because of the empty tomb we experientially know the power of God to forgive sins, birth freedom from within, and release lives for service to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Hallelujah!

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Do Friends Tell You You’re a Good Listener?

Are others drawn to you for spiritual advice?  There may Spiritual Director inside of you!  Let’s explore the idea together.  Selah, our two-year certificate program in Spiritual Direction is now enrolling for fall 2012.  |more info| |Selah details| |Selah Application|

Caring for the Soul of the Leader Event in Houston

On January 28, we held our first event in Houston!  70 attendees came out to discuss topics of spiritual formation and soul care for ministry leaders.  Steve Macchia, Matt Scott, and David Wu facilitated the event, sponsored by LTi Houston and hosted by Access Church/Vox Culture. 

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Giving of Life is a new 501(c)(3) with a heart for giving qualified ministries like LTi a boost through no-strings-attached grant funds.  Please visit our Giving of Life profile and give us your vote (green button on left) to put us in the running for a $10,000 grant!

International Mission 2012

On March 23 Steve Macchia and Rick Anderson will return for a 4th time to the formerly Soviet-occupied country of Moldova to speak, offer leadership development, and facilitate a Soul Care Retreat for young leaders with Pastor Vitalie Fedula and Jesus Savior Church in the capital city of Chisinau.  Please pray for safe travel and for the Lord’s peace, grace, and encouragement to be delivered through us.  Support this trip through a one-time donation online.  

Win Free Copies of Crafting a Rule of Life for You and Your Small Group!

InterVarsity Press (Formatio) is offering a chance for you and your small group  to win free copies of Crafting a Rule of Life!  All you need to do is visit the link below and leave a comment telling us about your group and why you'd like to study this book.  InterVarsity will pick one person to win copies of the book for their whole small group … PLUS a chance to chat with Steve at the start and finish of the book. Enter NOW as the first ten people to respond will automatically receive a free copy of Crafting a Rule of Life!  Click here to enter the contest.

Resources for the Journey

New Lenten Retreat Guide

Looking for retreat content between now and Holy Week?  Download this fresh new resource packed with content to help you structure a silent retreat for yourself or a group.  All you need is included: Silent retreat orientation, schedule, worship outline, scripture passage, and touch points. |Individual use| |Group use|


Just Released: Crafting a Rule of Life

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A Listening Exercise for Your Church
The curse of leadership is how quickly we lose touch with the people (those not at the leadership table).  It’s time to listen and CHAT can help in a time-efficient and cost effective manner!  Learn more by downloading our Free Guide to Church Assessment today.

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