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From the Desk of Steve Macchia

How does your use of time each day bring glory to God?  For many, the ongoing influence of the internet has been a major distraction to the soul. For others, their jobs have become so 24/7 that it's hard to find a restful hour amidst an average week of demanding work. Still others are consumed by the growing and intricate needs of family members, including raising children, caring for the aging and infirm, dealing with wayward teenagers, just to name a few.

Whatever your reason for distraction, most likely the care of your soul has been dissipated of late. It's like the door of a steambath continually left open, the good warmth and soaking left to evaporate into thin air. As a result we're left with wondering how best to intentionally protect and nurture the inner fire of our soul. The distracted life is filled with lots of good experiences and opportunities, but none of it seems to make a lasting difference. It often feels like we're losing more than gaining ground in this pursuit. Is this the perpetual state of your soul as well?

If so, then where does the care of the soul fit within your priority list and lead you into a life that glorifies God? We want to address that question with specificity and depth. Kicking off our 8th Anniversary Celebration weekend, we are hosting an event on Friday, November 11 entitled, "Re-Ignited: Kindling Our Inner Fire for God." This dynamic seminar will feature keynote sessions with Chris Webb (President of Renovaré USA) and yours truly.  Watch this brief video invitation from the two of us. We will explore the ways in which our inner fire is continually extinguished by the cares and concerns of this world, and how best to re-ignite our inner flame of passionate love for God and God alone. Our day will shift from "The Disordered and Neglected Soul" to the "Re-ignited Soul." You won't want to miss this unique event!

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Sign Posts on the Trail
LTi Ministry Highlights

The Leadership Transformations ministry team has been called upon to speak at several events this fall, facilitating soul care retreats for leadership teams, and conducting training in a variety of spiritual leadership topics. Check out our "Upcoming Events" link to see the details of all forthcoming events.

We are grateful for the privilege of serving alongside ministries such as the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) in their webinars and forums, the Evangelical Christian Credit Union in their staff team soul care days, the Christian Leadership Alliance's Regional Institute in Colorado Springs, the David C Cook senior leadership team soul care retreat, and the Christian Missionary and Alliance in CHAT training, just to name a few!

Become a Certified CHAT Coach – Oct 21, 2011 Denver, CO

In this one day training, you will discover a powerful church health model and leave as a Certified CHAT Coach (CHAT stands for Church Health Assessment Tool). You will be trained in the Ten Traits of a Healthy Church which CHAT uses as a biblical, principle-based measurement grid in assessing the health of a local church. These Ten Traits blend together the Great Commandment (love God), the Second Great Commandment (love one another), and the Great Commission (evangelism & discipleship). You'll also be educated in the full functional­ity of the CHAT Survey and how to customize its powerful, but user-friendly design in coaching/consulting with a church to make them as healthy and effective as they can be. Lunch is included. Each participant will receive a FREE copy of Becoming a Healthy Church with paid registration. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation and lodging. MORE INFO

"Come to the Waters"
Women’s Soul Care Retreat – Oct 22, 2011, Winchester
, MA

Join us for a day of quiet reflection in God's presence as we 'come to the waters' of life. As we step out of our busy schedules into this spacious place of rest and refreshment, we will focus on God's Word to us, listen to His voice, and be encouraged and strengthened. MORE INFO

"Re-Ignited: Kindling Our Inner Fire for God"
Nov 11, 2011 S. Hamilton, MA

As part of our 8th Anniversary Celebration weekend, come and participate in this unique one-day seminar. We'll look at the fire that fuels all others - our fire for God. Why is it so easy to lose this fire and find ourselves mired in the mundane? Chris Webb and Steve Macchia will explore the pursuit of a deepening spiritual journey in the midst of everyday life. You'll learn rhythms and practices that bring the extinguished soul back into full flame. MORE INFO

Resources for the Journey
New retreat guides for use during the seasons of
Advent, Lent, and Pentecost. 
Download one of our existing retreat guides on Rest & Renewal, Sabbath, God's World, or Spiritual Discernment for your next personal or team retreat day!  Individual and group versions available.
Renewing Your Church Through Healthy Small Groups is in its second printing! Discover the essential and foundational tools for creating safe environments for personal discipleship and life transformation through this 8-week training experience for small group leaders.


Time for a church survey? CHAT can help your church leaders listen well to voices of the church body.  Check out for more information.

What are the family needs within your church? 
Find out using the Family Health Assessment (partnership with Focus on the Family).  Like CHAT, this tool helps church leaders listen to the family units in the church in the areas of health, legacy, and impact.  Visit for more info.

Find these books, retreat resources, reflective readings and more!  Give them as gifts, use them for your own personal enrichment or utilize these resources for your next team retreat. 
These are all ways LTi continues to encourage and resource the Church toward spiritual formation, discernment and renewal!

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