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Reflections Along the Way

From the Desk of Steve Macchia

On July 1, Leadership Transformations turns 8--a milestone worth celebrating! We’ve been richly blessed of the Lord in many delightful ways. I’m especially grateful to the board and ministry team who have not only embraced the vision and mission of LTi, but are each living it out in their uniquely wonderful ways. Today we have 25 individuals--7 board members, 14 ministry team members, and 4 additional Selah faculty--who make up our team! I’m grateful for every person and thrilled with the growth we’ve experienced together. We are here to serve YOU … be sure to check out our website for all the latest about LTi and our team

As I reflect back on how LTi has matured since our July 1, 2003 inception, I’m reminded that the Lord established this ministry. It’s His work, guided by His Spirit, to build up His Kingdom, and strengthen his Church … all for His glory. We are guided by our vision, “for local churches and Christian organizations to be filled with leaders who place spiritual formation and discernment above all other leadership responsibilities” and our mission “to cultivate vibrant spirituality and attentive discernment among Christian leaders and teams.”

We fulfill our mission through a number of valuable and meaningful initiatives. All of them are designed to serve leaders and teams in their respective mission. As we’ve gotten to know more and more leaders each year (numbering now in the thousands), we remain convinced that the soul is the most neglected part of their life. So, as we invite them to attend to that need, they come alive in new ways of formation, discernment and renewal. It’s so exciting to see how the abundant life in Christ is what emerges as a result. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated as we prayerfully lean into a new ministry year. Let’s join hearts and hands in this ministry, with increased gratitude, joy and gladness! “Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name” (Psalm 103:1).

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Sign Posts on the Trail
LTi Ministry Highlights
Introducing David, Matt and Kevin: New Additions to the LTi Team!
Left to right: David Wu, Matt Scott, Kevin Antlitz
All three are recent graduates from Gordon-Conwell.
  • David Wu will be moving with his family back to Houston, Texas (both he and his wife Cindy have completed their masters programs at Gordon-Conwell) to serve at a local church as Pastor of Spiritual Formation AND he will be opening our brand new LTi Houston Office! David will be 60% on church staff and 40% working with LTi. The exciting part of this story is that the church, Access, has a vision for having their pastoral team involved both in local church AND area ministry work. Thus, the vision was caught for them to have David on their team and with LTi. He’ll do soul care retreats, training in spiritual formation, and offer spiritual direction (he also just graduated from our Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction listed below).
  • Matt Scott will join the LTi team on July 1 as our first Ministry Development Associate. Matt will be engaged in various donor relations activities as well as providing creative leadership in developing additional online spiritual formation resources for our online store: worship outlines, retreat downloads, touch points, etc. Matt and his wife Kristen have been a part of the Pierce Center at Gordon-Conwell for the past three years and recently graduated with his M.Div. Matt is a gifted singer, song writer, and worship leader.
  • Kevin Antlitz joined our team in May as Steve’s Executive & Research Assistant.  He’s been actively engaged as a Pierce Fellow throughout his years at Gordon-Conwell where he’s earned both his M.Div. and Th.M. He’s a gifted researcher and administrator, with a huge heart for spiritual formation. We’re excited about he and his wife Susan joining the LTi family.
Congrats to our Selah Graduates!
The following interns from Selah cohort #2 have just finished their final residency and received their certificates: John Burnett, Meah Hearington, Meg Howard, Rhea Patton, Shirley Paz, Cynthia Tidwell, Ellen Uebele, and David Wu.
 Left to right: (back) Steve Macchia, Angela Wisdom, John French
(front) John Burnett, Ellen Uebele, Meah Hearington, Rhea Patton, Susan Currie, Shirley Paz, Meg Howard, Cynthia Tidwell, David Wu

Cohorts #2 and 3 were together on retreat for their most recent residency on Enders Island, CT. We look forward to welcoming Cohort #4 later this summer--God has blessed our Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction and we’re delighted with the quality of our interns entering the program each year.
Congrats to our Spiritual Leadership Community!  
Spiritual Leadership Community #4 recently wrapped up their year of retreats together. This past year included topics such as The Deeper Journey (Spiritual Autobiography), Leading Like Jesus (Spiritual Leadership), The Voice of Jesus (Spiritual Discernment), and Mansions of the Heart (Spiritual Renewal). If you’re interested in joining our next Spiritual Leadership Community, you can find registration information on our website
2010-2011 SLC Participants
Left to right:  (back) Rob Perkins, John Burnett, Lisa Forkner, Christie Borthwick, Gayle Heaslip, Dave Beatty, Sandra Coelho, Todd Cravens, David Wu, Steve Macchia  (middle) Diana Bennett, Tom Griffith, Marcia Duncan, Elizabeth Scott, Ellie Beatty, Kim Richardson (front) Larry Schell, Dan Van Horne

Resources for the Journey
New retreat guides for use during the seasons of
Advent, Lent, and Pentecost. 
Download one of our existing retreat guides on Rest & Renewal, Sabbath, God's World, or Spiritual Discernment for your next personal or team retreat day!  Individual and group versions available.
Renewing Your Church Through Healthy Small Groups is in its second printing! Discover the essential and foundational tools for creating safe environments for personal discipleship and life transformation through this 8-week training experience for small group leaders.






Time for a church survey? CHAT can help your church leaders listen well to voices of the church body.  Check out for more information.
What are the family needs within your church? 
Find out using the Family Health Assessment (partnership with Focus on the Family).  Like CHAT, this tool helps church leaders listen to the family units in the church in the areas of health, legacy, and impact.  Visit for more info.

Find these books, retreat resources, reflective readings and more!  Give them as gifts, use them for your own personal enrichment or utilize these resources for your next team retreat. 
These are all ways LTi continues to encourage and resource the Church toward spiritual formation, discernment and renewal!
June 2011

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