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Recipients of the Diana C. Bennett Certificate in Spiritual Leadership

Year Name Ministry Application Plan
2020 Marenghi, John Mind, Body and Soul
2020 Mills, Debby Friends Spiritual Nourishment
2020 Suozzo, Joe Embracing Jesus
2019 Carroll, Abigail Weave
2019 Falls, Doug Sharing the Wealth
2018 Curtis, Thomas Rediscovering the Soul of a Church
2018 Higgins, Jenna Art and Soul Ministry: Listen, Create, Inspire
2018 Ratnavibhushana, Aruna Experiencing God's Love: Personal and Small Group Encounters
2018 Roemhildt, Maria Welcoming the Wounded through Words
2018 Walker, Christine Formation, Attentiveness, Discernment, and Disciplines in Contemplative Community
2017 Acquaah-Harrison, Adjoa Prayer & Listening Circles: A Transformational Pilgrimage
2017 Cravens, Todd Soul Care in the Local Church
2017 Emmet, Brian Pastoral Application of SLAP Principals
2017 Scalise, Doug
2017 Scalise, Jill Contemplation and Action
2016 Fan, Anna A New Thing: Spiritual Formation in an Asian Context
2016 Glasscock, Jena Campus Small Group Material Guide based on Wilhoit's Spiritual Formation Framework
2016 Jones, Pam
2016 O'Reilly, Christine Soul Care Groups for New Pastors and Growing Believers
2015 Mills, Graeme Adult Spiritual Formation: Small Group Listening Ministry
2015 Simmons, Lisa Women in Ministry: Soul Sister Circles
2015 Ward, Rusty The Deeper Journey: Pursuing Life in Christ in a Small Group Setting
2016 Wiegers, Michelle A Writing Plan: The Story of God Bringing New Life to My Broken and Wounded Soul
2014 Cook, Alison The Integration of Spiritual Formation and Counseling
2014 Day, Rowena
2014 Ellis, Malisa Integrating Spiritual Formation into Discipleship of Campus Ministry Workers and Student Leaders
2014 Flanders, Christina
2014 Gaudette, Jane Deepening Community and Growing Leaders in the Local Church
2014 Moses, Caryl
2013 Heaslip, Gayle House Church Soul Care
2013 McLeod, Tammy Eight Emmaus Themes in Campus Ministry
2013 Schuliger, Jeff
2013 Van Horne, Dan Rhythms of formation in Christ–likeness through Biblical Community
Iain Whitfield shares his experience with Emmaus.

Rowena Day on the gift of community she found in Emmaus.

Dan VanHorne shares about his Emmaus journey in this short video.

Alison Cook talks about the gift of sacred companionship through Emmaus.

Paul Powers on the importance of silence, solitude, and Sabbath.

Dave Ripper Image "The most important task of spiritual leadership is hearing Jesus. Without his voice, our congregations are only hearing our voices. And that's not saying much. Discerning the voice of Jesus amidst the wordiness of our world is rarely a solitary act. It takes others. But not just any group of people—or even any Christian group of people for that matter—but a listening, unhurried, transforming community. Through LTI's Emmaus Spiritual Leadership Community, I received the gift of being surrounded with trusted voices that enabled me to hear the most trusted Voice when I needed to hear it most. These voices helped silence the blather of fear, so my wife and I could respond fearlessly to the Voice of Love. Our family, our future, our ministry will never be the same."

Dave Ripper
Lead Pastor
Crossway Christian Church
Nashua, New Hampshire

Jeff Schuliger Image "The spiritual friendships I've formed though my involvement with Emmaus have been places of real encouragement—not only for me personally but also as a reminder for what God is doing in the hearts of other church leaders.  One specific way that this community has encouraged me is by reminding me (and softly exhorting me!) to honestly and faithfully lean into who God is calling me to be, which has freed me up to more fully do what God is asking me to do.  Words like freedom, grace, wisdom, rest, authenticity, and joy come to mind as I reflect back upon my experience with Emmaus."

Jeff Schuliger
Elder/Pastoral Team
Hillside Church,
North Vancouver, Canada

"Emmaus helped to continually orient me to the presence of Christ during a long season of ministry transition.  Retreats provided depth of both content and relationships, as well as time for reflection.  Our gathering times of listening and reflecting were transformational!  Shared meals were contagiously fun.  The books and practices between retreats provided continuity so that the process of becoming aware of and responsive to the still, small voice of the Lord has had a fruitful impact on both my personal and professional life."

Gayle Heaslip
Counselor, Mentor, and Ministry Leader

"Let him who cannot be alone beware of community. Let him who is not in community beware of being alone. One who wants fellowship without solitude plunges into the void of words and feelings, and the one who seeks solitude without fellowship perishes in the abyss of vanity, self-infatuation, and despair."

-- Dietrich Bonhoeffer