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Are you yearning to join a community of leaders who share a common passion for spiritual formation?

If you're looking for...

  • › A more contemplative lifestyle in the midst of the growing demands of leadership;
  • › A caring, listening, and discerning community of sacred companions;
  • › And resources to help you care for the souls of others in your ministry context...

Then, LTI's Emmaus — a retreat-based leadership community — is for you! Come and journey with others who hunger for rest, renewal, encouragement, and deeper spiritual companionship.

Some Emmaus participants join for one year, while others stay on for several years. It's up to you! Commit to just one year at a time (fall to spring). Three years of rotating curriculum keeps the content and dialogue fresh.

Optional: Certificate in Spiritual Leadership is offered to those who complete two full years of Emmaus (one year commitment at a time), with additional written and reflection assignments. Additional $250 per year.

Emmaus: Fostering a Leadership Lifestyle of Discernment and Renewal

Emmaus - LTI's Spiritual Leadership Communities are unique groups of leaders who desire ever-deepening attentiveness to the presence and movement of God within their lives and among one another. Each community gathers together for four topical retreats over a period of nine months, which include times of prayerful community, shared spiritual journeys, and exposure to practical resources and training. Each retreat is designed to provide a spiritually enriching environment for ongoing encouragement and growth, whereby spiritual formation, discernment, and renewal are significantly enlarged in the hearts of leaders. It is our hope that by coming alongside and engaging with one another in unhurried, reflective/contemplative retreat settings we will develop a lifestyle of spiritual formation that will impact our personal walk of intimacy with Christ and ultimately infiltrate our daily ministry context.

Each retreat begins 9AM Tuesday and concludes 1PM Thursday and will include large and small group sharing, worship, fellowship, teaching and prayer, as well as spacious and restful times in silence and solitude. Each retreat will ensure the following offerings:

  • › A listening community of sacred companions who desire time to share, learn and grow together
  • › State of soul reflections which serve as our re-introduction each retreat
  • › Scripture, prayer and reflective disciplines that keep us focused on biblical, contemplative and Trinitarian means of grace
  • › Crafting a Rule of Life as the core of our personal growth and spiritual formation group sharing
  • › Worship times as a community scheduled throughout each retreat
  • › Silent breakfasts both mornings to reinforce the mysterious ways community is formed
  • › Silence and solitude blocks each afternoon for personal and spiritual reflection
  • › Book study, group discussion and topical teaching sessions based on the retreat theme

Certificate in Spiritual Leadership (Optional)

Certificate of completion requires participation in a minimum of 8 unique retreats within the Passage, Pilgrimage, and/or Pathway Years (each year offers 4 unique retreats); written reflection papers (2-3 pages) on each theme book assigned; crafting of a personal rule of life; completion of an action plan for developing spiritual leadership in your broader life, workplace, and/or ministry context; taking the Enneagram, MBTI or similar self awareness tool; and participation in mentor meetings between each retreat (1 hour session in person or on Skype three times each year). Additional $250 per year fee applies.

Emmaus Faculty

Jeremy Stefano Photo

Jeremy Stefano
Director of Emmaus

Gayle Heaslip Photo

Gayle Heaslip
Spiritual Formation Associate

Stephen Macchia Photo

Stephen Macchia
LTI Founder & President


Pilgrimage Year


    • Spiritual Autobiography: The Gift of Being Yourself
      Sept. 22-24, 2015
    • Spiritual Leadership: Leading Like Jesus
      Dec. 1-3, 2015
    • Spiritual Practices: Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection
      March 1-3, 2016
    • Spiritual Renewal: The Joy of Sabbath Rest
      May 3-5, 2016

    Pathway Year

    • Spiritual Attentiveness: Hearing God Whisper Our Name
      Sept. 27-29, 2016
    • Spiritual Formation: Role of the Holy Spirit in Life Transformation
      Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, 2016
    • Spiritual Discernment: The Voice of Jesus
      Mar. 7-9, 2017
    • Spiritual Community: Seeking God Together
      May 2-4, 2017
    • Passage Year

      • Spiritual Relinquishment: The Way to Love
        Sept. 2017: TBD
      • Spiritual Reading: The Gift of the Classics
        Dec. 2017: TBD
      • Spiritual Guides: The Ministry of Listening
        Mar. 2018: TBD
      • Spiritual Impact: The Mission of Jesus and His Disciples
        May 2018: TBD

Application Process

Fill out and submit the online application along with an application essay and $50 application fee.

Cost: $1,800 per year* (fall/spring). Monthly payment plan is available as well as limited scholarship aid. Contact Jeremy Stefano at Jeremy@ltinc.org.

Cost includes overnight lodging and meals, plus onsite printed materials and instruction. Each participant is responsible to acquire approximately four books per year.

*Optional Certificate in Spiritual Leadership, add: $250 per year


Wonderland Conference Center
(Salvation Army)

10 Capen Hill Road
Sharon, MA 02067
(all single occupancy rooms)

Iain Whitfield shares his experience with Emmaus.

Rowena Day on the gift of community she found in Emmaus.

Dan VanHorne shares about his Emmaus journey in this short video.

Alison Cook talks about the gift of sacred companionship through Emmaus.

Paul Powers on the importance of silence, solitude, and Sabbath.

Dave Ripper Image "The most important task of spiritual leadership is hearing Jesus. Without his voice, our congregations are only hearing our voices. And that's not saying much. Discerning the voice of Jesus amidst the wordiness of our world is rarely a solitary act. It takes others. But not just any group of people—or even any Christian group of people for that matter—but a listening, unhurried, transforming community. Through LTI's Emmaus Spiritual Leadership Community, I received the gift of being surrounded with trusted voices that enabled me to hear the most trusted Voice when I needed to hear it most. These voices helped silence the blather of fear, so my wife and I could respond fearlessly to the Voice of Love. Our family, our future, our ministry will never be the same."

Dave Ripper
Pastor of Young Adult Ministries
Lexington, MA

Jeff Schuliger Image "The spiritual friendships I've formed though my involvement with Emmaus have been places of real encouragement—not only for me personally but also as a reminder for what God is doing in the hearts of other church leaders.  One specific way that this community has encouraged me is by reminding me (and softly exhorting me!) to honestly and faithfully lean into who God is calling me to be, which has freed me up to more fully do what God is asking me to do.  Words like freedom, grace, wisdom, rest, authenticity, and joy come to mind as I reflect back upon my experience with Emmaus."

Jeff Schuliger
Minister of Small Groups
Park Street Church, MA

"Let him who cannot be alone beware of community. Let him who is not in community beware of being alone. One who wants fellowship without solitude plunges into the void of words and feelings, and the one who seeks solitude without fellowship perishes in the abyss of vanity, self-infatuation, and despair."

-- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Emmaus Cohorts
Emmaus(SLC) 1: 2007-2008
Emmaus (SLC) 1: 2007-2008

Emmaus(SLC) 2: 2008-2009
Emmaus (SLC) 2: 2008-2009

Emmaus (SLC) 3: 2009-2010
Emmaus (SLC) 3: 2009-2010

Emmaus (SLC) 4: 2010-2011
Emmaus (SLC) 4: 2010-2011

Emmaus (SLC) 5: 2011-2012
Emmaus (SLC) 5: 2011-2012

Emmaus 6: 2012-2013
Emmaus 6: 2012-2013

Emmaus 7: 2013-2014
Emmaus 7: 2013-2014

Emmaus 8: 2014-2015 Faculty
Emmaus 8: 2014-2015

Emmaus 9: 2015-2016 Faculty
Emmaus 9: 2015-2016

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